by AirCastle Enterprises
The BoxCenter Mark 6 is radically different from all other machines:
  • Less than half the price of other machines.
  • Makes over 500 box variations--too many to name.
  • Makes pads with up to 10 vertical and /or horizontal creases.
  • Takes 1/10 of the floor space of other machines, due to its vertical orientation.
  • Takes 15 seconds to enter the data, no setup delay.
  • It takes a few mouse clicks for most boxes, specials take a few clicks more.
  • It cuts and creases in any direction, as many times as needed.
  • No mechanical adjustments, like fences, knobs, guides or head positions.
  • No slitting machine is needed, it does not need pre-sized blanks.
  • No air compressor or 3-phase wiring needed. Just plug in to standard wall plug.
  • Uses Windows 7 PC with large color screen, WiFi, webcam, mic, speakers.
  • Very simple control panel (two switches) the computer does the rest.
  • Software controls direction, depth, speed and passes second by second.
  • Service and support via video call, chat, email, or phone.
  • Software upgrades are sent over the web as an email attachment.
  • It weights less than the shipping create of other machines. Ships in two boxes
BoxCenter Mark 6
and Pre-Loaded PC.
Box Examples
With the BoxCenter, you don't choose a box from a short list, you design the box you
need by clicking the components
.  For the common RSC style, you pick one of 6 kinds of
flaps for the top and the same or different flaps for the bottom. You know about boxes with 4
panels, but the BoxCenter offers from 1 to 10 panels. Put together 4 1-panel parts to make
very large boxes from modestly sized sheets (or scraps). Perhaps a 3 panel section makes the
best use of a full sheet. Put it with a 1-panel piece to make the box you need. A 3-panel piece
also makes a triangular box. A 6-panel (or 2 3-panel) section is good for boxing up reels, pipes
and other round objects with less cardboard and take up less space.

This gives 210 combinations. By making boxes from 2 or more sections, you can have different
flaps on each section. Example: Make a 3-panel section with very short flaps. Attach a 1-panel
piece that has very long flaps to cover the top and bottom. This completes a box with very little
overlapping cardboard, and that
The power switch has a pilot light to indicate when it is on. The machine makes almost no noise when idle. A circuit
breaker is also part of the switch. An emergency stop switch removes all power to the machine. Note the standard
computer power cord. It takes less power than the computer that runs it. The machine communicates with the
computer via a USB cable
The BoxCenter is the lowest cost box maker, but also the most versatile. It designs and makes almost
500 box variations. Its compact, light weight and easy to ship. It takes little space, uses little power,
does not need special wiring, air compressor or a slitting machine to work. It is quiet and generally well
behaved enough for even an office environment. It makes ordinary boxes over a huge range of sizes
and special boxes with a few extra clicks. Service and support is provided over the Web.
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Terms of sale: $15,000 in U.S.
FOB Detroit, Michigan. Shipping
costs, Customs fees, taxes or any
other charges are the
responsibility of buyer.
Warranty: 90 days from shipping date against defects
in materials or workmanship. Preferred service
and support is provide by video call (free via Skype)
so customer is strongly urged to connect the Box-
Center computer to the web via the built-in WiFi or
Example of boxes made with the
BoxCenter Mark 6